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*~*~* L-Space Lounge *~*~*

.:because books need love too:.

The L-Space Lounge Reading Group
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A cosy nook to discuss literature of all kinds in. General fiction, sci fi, fantasy, kids books, history, classics, popular science, short stories, poetry, travel, biography, crime, romance, graphic novels and manga... Whatever your taste runs to, feel free to discuss it here!

Use this community to discuss books, to pick up ideas about what to read next, to share good or bad experiences of books recently read, to promote old favourite titles or to ask opinions of books you're thinking of reading. Hell, talk about anything book-related that you like, but if you post nothing but "ZOMG DRACO MALFOY IS TEH HAWTTT!", I guarantee you that you'll be heartily beaten with a hardcover copy of the Order of the Phoenix XD

Once a month a title will be selected (by group vote, from suggestions given by the group) to be our book of the month. This can be from any genre and from any year but must be availible to get hold of in the UK and, respecting that some members are on a tight budget, must be a paperback or else a very cheap hardback. Some exceptions may be made if it is agreed on by the whole membership. We will have a set period to read it and then start a discussion on it, the end result of which will be recorded in the form of marks out of ten and saved for posterity.

Depending on how this club goes, we may start doing a book every fortnight and holding the odd social meet up. Let me know if you have any suggestions for running this place or if you would be interested in co-moderating.

Please keep any and all spoilers behind a lj cut. If you don't know how to do that, read the FAQ or ask.

NB, "L-Space" is taken from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, because it seemed fitting, and "Lounge" because it sounds laid back and cool :D

Happy reading :D

Owner: ffenics
Moderators: fuunsaiki and zehavit_lamasu

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