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Balconius Bookshelves R Us

I realise I am currently posting to myself here so feel like a crazy lady XD....

Welcome to the community, I hope you all enjoy it :D please let me know ANY suggestions as I've cooked this up in about ten minutes!

What we need to do once we have a settled membership is choose a book for May that we will all buy and read and discuss come the end of the month. This should be a fantastic way to try new books we may otherwise miss, and we'll get to all discuss and rate the book in question together. It can be any book from any year (doesnt have to be new) but should be under a tenner to purchase, still be in print, and preferably be something unread by most of the community.

I quite fancy a bit of period mystery and intrigue, so I'm going to tout Andrew Taylor's The American Boy, a historical crime novel which features young Edgar Allen Poe as a key character, or Sarah Waters' Fingersmith, on the basis that I missed the TV Series and ever since then people have been telling me how awful it was and how good the book was. Also I'm intrigued by "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto, having read N.P and "Asleep" recently....

Right, I'm being forced out the door now so must post and run. Will return later!
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