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Charlie Higson - The Enemy

Charlie Higson is a fine comedy writer. When I found out he had written a ZOMBIE book I was nothing short of pleased. His book launch at 'The London Tomb Experience' a couple of weeks ago was good fun and I picked up some signed copies then, and Ive mostly been reading it this week.
The bad news is its not strictly a zombie book. It walks a similar 'Virus' path to '28 Days Later' but the virus this time has wiped out all the adults (over 14 years old). Any adults not actually dead are ravening simpleton cannibals. Obviously this is still close enough for my tastes to still pass as a zombie book so the bad news isnt actually that bad at all.
The good news is that it is actually a really fun read. Its aimed at a 'young adult' market but that shouldnt put old farts like myself off. There is still plenty of horror to be had. The fact that not only have all the adults gone but they have become, as the title suggests, 'The Enemy' gives kids something else to sink their teeth into (no pun intended!). Thats a variation on a zombie story I havent really seen explored before.
The other thing I liked about the book is that it is set in London. Any fans of 28 Days Later will be readily able to access the imagery of a post apocalyptic, depopulated London, with added predators. As someone who has lived and worked in London for years some of the geographical detail gave it an additional level of immediate realism as well.
There is a lot to enjoy here for older kids (does being 35 count?) and the additional good news is that this book seems to be the first installment of a series, rather than a one-off, which is nice.
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